Each year at the Heartlinks Gala, the management team selects a philanthropist of the year and a philanthropic business of the year to honor for their support of Heartlinks. Keep reading to learn about the 2023 award recipients.

Mary Lee Robinson, 2023 Philanthropist of the Year

Mary Lee Robinson has been a steadfast Heartlinks board member for more than a decade, a mentor who inspires personal and professional growth and an unwavering supporter of every Heartlinks fundraising initiative.

Mary Lee’s impact extends far beyond the boardroom, embodying the true spirit of philanthropy. Her commitment not only guides our organization through challenges but has set a standard for community engagement and compassion. Heartlinks celebrates Mary Lee Robinson, a beacon of inspiration whose generosity and dedication exemplify the very essence of Heartlinks.

Prosser Memorial Health, 2023 Philanthropic Organization of the Year

Prosser Memorial Health is an exceptional partner whose unwavering support and commitment have truly made a difference in the lives of many. Prosser Memorial Health has been a shining beacon in our community, embodying the values that Heartlinks holds dear. Their dedication to our shared mission has been

nothing short of inspiring, as they have not only supported but championed each of Heartlinks’ initiatives. Their generosity extends far beyond the realm of healthcare, reaching into the heart of our community and leaving an indelible mark on those we serve. Heartlinks honors and expresses our deepest appreciation to Prosser Memorial Health for their outstanding contributions, recognizing them as an invaluable ally in our mission to make a positive impact. Thank you for being a true partner in the heart of our community.

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