Palliative Care

Pediatric palliative care is supportive care for children with a serious illness and their families. It is a unique type of support that focuses on quality of life and aims to ease the symptoms, discomforts and stresses associated with serious illness. Heartlinks works alongside the child’s primary doctor and specialists who listen to your needs and work together on them.


Comfort & Care In Your Home

We understand that caring for a seriously ill child has its own set of challenges and emotions. If your child has an advanced or chronic illness, we have services that can help ease his or her suffering and provide the emotional support you need as a caregiver and parent.

The Heartlinks care team will:

  • Help you understand your child’s diagnosis and communicate with health providers.

  • Ease your child’s pain and other symptoms.

  • Explain complicated terms, diagnosis and care options.

  • Help with the transition from hospital to home.

  • Coordinate care appointments.

  • Help with accessing medical supplies and equipment.

  • Provide emotional support and reduce stress.

  • Address family concerns such as housing and safety.

  • Locate community resources.

  • Reduce emergency room visits.

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I really appreciate everything you guys do for us as a family. I just want what’s best for my baby and my family and I try my hardest.

Mom of an 8-month-old palliative care patient

Heartlinks is a great program…lots of support emotionally…and just doing all the work and letting me enjoy time with my baby.

Mom of a 4-month-old palliative care patient

You have blessed our lives for many years and I appreciate you so much. You are precious and so valuable to us! Thank you.

Mom of a 16-year-old palliative care patient

Heartlinks has been there for us.

Mom of a 4-year-old palliative care patient

Get Information About Pediatric Palliative Care

A referral to any of our programs can be made by anyone, including family members, friends, or healthcare professionals. To make a pediatric palliative care referral, or to receive more information, please call (509) 837-1676 or fill out the form below, and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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