Mission, Vision & Values

Heartlinks (formerly known as Lower Valley Hospice) was founded in 1978, inspired by the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD – a true pioneer in the humane treatment of the terminally ill. A group of five caring professionals and neighbors came together in 1978 to create Lower Valley Hospice. Their perseverance and commitment to care for those in the community facing a life-threatening illness made Lower Valley Hospice one of the first hospices in the United States. In 1983, Lower Valley Hospice became one of the first Medicare-certified hospices in the State of Washington.

Our Mission

The mission of Heartlinks is to enrich the quality of one’s life and recognize its worth by providing comfort, care, and support on life’s journey.

Our Vision

To build a future where all phases of life are honored and supported.

Our Values

  • Respect

    Respect the inherent value and worth of each person.

  • Excellence

    Commit to an uncompromising drive to deliver outstanding performance in every aspect of care.

  • Accountability

    Take responsibility for your own behavior.

  • Compassion

    Treat those we serve and one another with concern, kindness, and respect.

  • Holistic

    Using a holistic approach will create a happy, healthy workplace.