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In August of 2023, I brought my daughter home for hospice care. She fought hard to get better but the good Lord had his plans for her. She was very smart, went to college and worked hard to make a difference in the lives of those fighting addiction. She loved her job.

When I made the arrangements to bring her home from Spokane hospital, I stayed strong for her. Thankful to the W.S. ambulance for helping to get her home. For the first few days we went through this alone, we had her supplies for care and comfort, we had to wait for her care team to get the information they needed to help us with hospice care. My daughter lasted 1 week at home, she got to see family, talk with her children and her good friends. The last few days I knew we would have to say our goodbye to get a at this time she went to sleep and never opened her eyes, or said I Love you mom. As I said I stayed strong from day 1 when she went to the hospital until the day I buried my baby, my smart, beautiful daughter. I appreciate the Heartlinks nurses, on call nurses, staff for being available for me and my family during my daughter's last days here in Earth. Your care and helpfulness in tending to her needs was what we needed. Today I thank you for the kind gestures of the cards, emails that you share your thoughts and sympathy with me and the family. That means a lot to me that you do this. Thank you for everything. May God Bless each and one of you and yours


Mother of a Hospice Patient

Your Hospice nurses were like angels in helping us when our mom was in her home-going journey! They allayed our fears, teaching and encouraging us just how we needed it. They were kind, gentle, caring in their interactions with mom, and seemed so knowledgeable, capable, and confident in what they did. They were available any time of the day or night by phone and would come out to the house daily if needed. They were a gift from God to help our family love on mom and provide the best possible care to her in her final days. So thankful for them!


Daughter of a Hospice Patient

I really appreciate everything you guys do for us as a family. I just want what’s best for my baby and my family and I try my hardest.

Mom of an 8-month-old palliative care patient

Heartlinks is a great program…lots of support emotionally…and just doing all the work and letting me enjoy time with my baby.

Mom of a 4-month-old palliative care patient

You have blessed our lives for many years and I appreciate you so much. You are precious and so valuable to us! Thank you.

Mom of a 16-year-old palliative care patient

Heartlinks has been there for us.

Mom of a 4-year-old palliative care patient

Losing our Dad was the hardest thing my sisters and I have ever gone through. He wanted to be home surrounded with his loved ones. Thank you Heartlinks Hospice staff for helping us to make that happen. Our family will never forget your kindness.

I am very grateful for all of Heartlinks' help with my father. All of the nurses and staff I have worked with, especially Sarah, have been wonderful and I know they have helped my father a great deal with giving him the attention that he really needed. He wasn't dealing with aging very well and could be a bit grumpy I imagine! But I know he needed the one on one attention that his nurse gave him. I am so very grateful and highly recommend Heartlinks.

This review is from Three Rivers Place and all the staff at our assisted living. We just want to thank you guys for providing superb care to all of our residents who have been on your services. We only have positive things to say about Robert your nurse, Cristi the social worker and your bath aides. The best part is that they communicate with us constantly all of your staff is approachable and easy to talk to which is what we seek. The communication and openness is what allows both of us to provide superb care. Your staff is always willing to teach and guide our staff and that is priceless. This field is ever learning and having the open-mindedness to teach and coach is memorable. There's no awkwardness during interactions we appreciate to see our friends from Heartlinks Hospice arrive at Three Rivers Place.

Hospice care at its best

Friendly staff and so helpful


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