Your Child's Comfort Comes First

We understand that caring for a seriously ill child has its own set of challenges and emotions. If your child has an advanced or chronic illness, we have services that can help ease his or her suffering and provide the emotional support you need as a caregiver and parent.

Heartlinks Pediatric Palliative Care provides the care and comfort necessary to give your child the best possible quality of life. Whether you need more education or assistance with caring for children with serious illness, we'll be there with the support you need to help you handle the impact of the illness on your family as well. Heartlinks was the first rural Pediatric Palliative care program in Washington State and is the only serving central Washington.

Pediatric patients are not “little adults” and should be treated accordingly. Pediatric patients require a very specialized kind of care. That’s why at Heartlinks only healthcare professionals that are specifically trained in pediatric medicine will be allowed to care for your child.

Our pediatric care teams are experts in addressing the unique needs of children who may be struggling with their illnesses and the fear of death and dying. Care teams and volunteers provide care to children of all ages, from infants to young adults, helping young children and teenagers understand their illnesses and treating their physical, emotional and spiritual concerns.

Pediatric palliative or hospice care may include:

Palliative care for children with serious illness
or chronic conditions.

Hospice care for children with a terminal illness.

Home care for homebound children with serious illness
or injuries and complex care needs.

We come to your child whenever we are needed and wherever home is – your home, hospital, or facility.

No family can ever prepare for a child’s terminal illness; and grieving is as individual as the person experiencing it. Counseling and support programs are available and help you and your family cope with emotional and spiritual pain. We can also lend a hand to help you with your caregiver responsibilities and needs.

It is our privilege to care for your child and family. Children and their families come to us in many stages of illness with widely varying needs for care. We will help you explore your options and support you in making the right decisions for your family.

A referral to any of our programs can be made by anyone,
including family members, friends or health care professionals.

Please call (509) 837-1676,
and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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