Heartlinks Palliative Care is the missing link in the healthcare world.

Palliative Care covers those who are somewhere along the spectrum between initial diagnosis and hospice care.

Palliative Care should be initiated when an individual diagnosed with a serious and chronic illness begins to experience pain or symptoms related to their disease and is choosing to pursue treatment.

Treatment may lengthen a life span, but can often worsen or even cause undesirable symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, and pain that decrease your quality of life.


Palliative Care focuses on increasing your quality of life by relieving those symptoms while you continue to seek treatment.

Our In-Home/Community-Based Care involves a registered nurse and social worker meeting with you and your family in your home where you are most comfortable. Meeting in your home not only alleviates the burden of having to travel for an appointment but allows the practitioner to treat you holistically in a way that is realistic for you and your situation.

Your doctors remain fully involved while the registered nurse and social worker are working with you.

Goals of Palliative Care

• Enhance the quality of life by managing symptoms

• Provide emotional and spiritual support

• Coordinate care plan and establish an active support system

• Treat pain and alleviate suffering

• Provide choices in advance care planning

Where are Palliative Care Consultations Provided?

• Hospitals

• Patient’s Own Home

• Assisted Living Facilities

• Long-Term Care Facilities

• Oncology Clinics

• Outpatient Offices

How is Palliative Care Different From Hospice?

• Can be provided earlier in the disease process than hospice

• Does not require a six-month prognosis

• Can be utilized with traditional or curative care

• Can be accessed while the patient is undergoing rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility

A referral to any of our programs can be made by anyone, including family members, friends, or healthcare professionals.

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