100% of our Hospice Care is provided in the patient’s home, whether “home” for them is where they grew up, nursing home, assisted living facility, adult family home, etc.

Heartlinks Hospice Care is a highly specialized and individualized form of care designed to help patients with a life-limiting illness make the most of their final months.

Most people do not want to die in pain, alone in a hospital, hooked up to machines. They would prefer to be at home, with good pain and symptom management, and amongst things they are familiar and with people that they love. Heartlinks Hospice is dedicated to making this happen.

Heartlinks Hospice staff and volunteers help support patients, their families and friends, in focusing on what is most important to them…spending time together, sharing memories, saying goodbye, finding peace, and caring for one another.

Most Hospice patients have a life expectancy of six months or less. This is often a difficult time, yet many families report that hospice services helped them care for their loved one better and find meaning, even joy, in the last days of their loved ones life.

Your Care Team

Patients and their family are encouraged to be involved in making care decisions based on personal and family needs. You can be assured that as a patient of Heartlinks, you have a full team of caregivers accessible to you.

Your Doctor

to direct your plan of care.

Medical Director

(Heartlinks physicians) oversee your plan of care and consult with your hospice team if difficulties arise.

Registered Nurses

visit you regularly to assess your medical needs, communicate with your doctor, and implement their treatment orders. They also provide caregivers with training to help provide daily care. Nurses are available for consultation and visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical Social Workers

help you and your loved ones with grief counseling and end-of-life planning. They also assist with financial issues and accessing other community resources.


provide spiritual care as you and your loved ones struggle with meaning, purpose and sustaining hope at this time of life. We serve clients of all faith denominations, as well as those with no specific faith tradition.

Nurse Aides

assist with personal care such as bathing, hair care, and other needs.


assist with respite care for the caregiver, errands, transportation, grocery shopping, and more.

Bereavement Counselors

provide counseling for patients, their family and friends. Heartlinks bereavement services are available for any community member experiencing grief from the death of a loved one.

The Services

Heartlinks provides a wide spectrum of compassionate services to help patients and their families cope with a terminal illness and death. The goal of Hospice is to manage pain and other symptoms, enabling patients to spend their last days in dignity. Hospice accomplishes this goal by providing an array of medical, social, and spiritual services with the cooperation of both healthcare professionals and trained volunteers.

Physician Care

Spiritual Care

Respite Care

Medications related to Hospice diagnosis for pain and symptom management

Bereavement services offered 14 months after a loved one’s death

Education and training for you as a caregiver


Medical Equipment needed for comfort

Music and Massage Therapy

Skilled Nursing

Personal Care

Social work

Pain and Symptom Management

Unique services for Veterans

A referral to any of our programs can be made by anyone, including family members, friends, or health care professionals.

Please call (509) 837-1676, and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.