Hospice Care

Patients with a terminal illness do not usually have to pay for Hospice Care. Hospice care costs are covered by Medicare (through the Medicare Hospice Benefit), Medicaid, and The Veteran’s Health Administration.

Veteran's Benefits

The Veteran’s Health Administration also covers Hospice Care. The Veteran’s Health Administration provides benefits that are very similar to the Medicare Hospice Benefits.

Health Insurance

Many private insurance companies provide some coverage for Hospice Care. Check with your insurer to determine whether Hospice Care is covered and under what circumstances. Among private insurers, there are variations in qualifications and covered benefits.


Individuals Without Insurance

If you do not have insurance coverage and cannot otherwise afford the service, you may be eligible for Heartlinks “Compassion Care” fund.

This financial assistance is provided through donations, gifts, grants or other community's sources. Please call us at 509-837-1676 to learn more.


Currently, most Hospice patients have their costs covered by Medicare, through the Medicare Hospice Benefit. The Hospice Medicare and Medicaid Benefits covers team services at 100 percent and also pays for such items as medications, medical supplies and durable medical equipment related to the Hospice diagnosis with little or no out of pocket expense to the patient.

Medicaid also pays for hospice care. People may become eligible for Medicaid when their income and assets are low.

Medicaid provides benefits that are very similar to the Medicare Hospice Benefits. Services are equally available to eligible patients/families regardless of payer source.