Our Mission:

The mission of Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care is to enrich the quality of life for individuals and their families in need of comprehensive end-of-life care.

The Vision:

To be recognized as the leading provider for compassionate and specialized care for patients and families facing a life-limiting illness in our community.







Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care (formerly known as Lower Valley Hospice) was founded in 1977, inspired by the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD – a true pioneer in the humane treatment of the terminally ill. A group of five caring professionals and neighbors came together in 1977 to create Lower Valley Hospice. Their perseverance and commitment to care for those in the community facing a life-threatening illness made Lower Valley Hospice one of the first hospices in the United States. In 1983, Lower Valley Hospice became one of the first Medicare-certified hospices in the State of Washington.