No other branch in health care embraces volunteers as passionately as hospice does. Volunteers are a very important piece in the hospice realm and are used in nearly all aspects of the program. Hospice volunteers come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and professions. This diversity of life experiences is what makes each individual unique and valuable to hospice volunteering.

Even though the hospice volunteer roles are quite diverse, they are commonly divided into two major categories: 1) those that are directly involved with the care of a dying person and their family, and 2) those that indirectly support the dying by providing services directly to hospice.

Patient/Family Volunteers
Volunteers are perceived by hospice patients as just ordinary people from the community. As a result of this relationship, volunteers are able to help normalize the hospice experience for patients and their families. This is not only beneficial to the patient, but also very beneficial to the hospice team. Volunteers are able to spend more time with patients and their families, providing an increased involvement in putting them at ease and gaining their trust. This allows the volunteer to gain deeper insights to the patient’s ongoing experience with their hospice care and thus provide very valuable feedback to the clinical team.

Office/Event/HoBS Volunteers
Office volunteers are much needed “extra hands” that play a key role in meeting deadlines for mailings and daily operations of the office.

Event volunteers assist with fundraisers and other community events.

HoBS (Hospice Benefit Store) is our second hand store located in Prosser. It provides much needed financial support to our Pediatric Palliative Care Program. It is operated solely by volunteers, so the volunteers at HoBS truly are the key to its successful operation.

E-mail: neaston@heartlinkshospice.org