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Giving Tuesday

Help us remodel our Grief Support room at the Heartlinks Grandview office. We are asking the community to collectively give $5,000 on Giving Tuesday, November 29. Give Now The Grief Support Room is a unique place where you can make heart connections and get help coping with grief when someone special to you has died. We believe everyone deserves to have support after a death so they can find hope and heal their heart. You can help us provide a safe and comforting environment for an adult or child to receive the care they need. Will you help make sure every adult and child has a space to receive the care they need? Our vision is to: Host several support groups each month for the bereaved. Design a space with a fresh color scheme, gentle lighting and artwork. Widen the doorways to allow wheelchair access. Add frosted window doors for privacy. Purchase and hang a whiteboard to create space for grief exercises ($250). Purchase a video conference system to allow virtual participation ($1,000). Purchase and install a projector ($500) Purchase comfortable chairs for seating 8 to 10 people ($1,000). Purchase a minifridge for refreshments on hand ($250). Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on November 29, 2022. To sign up for Giving Tuesday notifications via email, contact

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Host Your Own Event:

  • At Play – Help families while doing what you love – running, gaming, walking, and more! You can host a 5K, jump rope marathon, video game marathons, etc.
  • At Work – Your work can be a family’s hope. Give more meaning to your day-to-day.
  • At School – From Pre-K to college, everyone can learn the importance of giving back.

Ready to host a fundraising event?

Please contact Shelby Moore for more information.

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