Year-End Giving

Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.

My name is Madison Sartain, and I am the Community Outreach Coordinator for Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care. However, I am not writing to you today as the Community Outreach Coordinator, but as a friend. When I began working here at Heartlinks, I knew the quality of the services provided, but I never imaged that I would witness it first hand as I did just last year when Heartlinks provided end-of-life services to my beloved grandma, Ellen.

My grandma was very special to me, and she was my best friend. We had shared so many experiences together that are now treasured memories, a favorite of mine being our nightly routine of eating ice cream bars and watching Antiques Roadshow.

Although Gram’s decline was gradual, to me, everything seemed to happen all at once. I felt like my world was completely turned upside down when she was referred to hospice.


My grandma, Ellen Sartain.

Grandma’s nurse, Monica, visited nearly every day. She took time to care for my gram, while also taking time to care for me and my family. Monica supported us emotionally while attending to the emotional and physical needs of my grandma.

I was amazed and moved by our care team. I had always known my coworkers were amazing at what they do, but I never realized just how talented they were until someone I loved was under their care.

It is not the years in your life that matter, but the life in your years.

Our family put a lot of life into those last weeks with Grandma Ellen. As I write this letter, I cannot help but think that my family could be your family in a blink of an eye.


With warmest wishes for a joy-filled holiday season,

Madison Sartain, Hospice Advocate
Community Outreach Coordinator

Being a small nonprofit has allowed us to be true to our mission and continue to offer unparralled care despite the cost, but it requires a commitment from donors like you to help us maintain this level of care and quality.

Your contributions have helped make Heartlinks the leading regional hospice care provider that it is. We are so grateful to you for helping to create and support our committed team. Your gifts are helping to touch hundreds of lives.

Imagine the peace of mind you can provide for a family during the hardest days of their life, simply by giving to Heartlinks Hospice during this holiday season. You will find a donation envelope for your convenience or consider giving online: heartlinkshospice.org.


P.S. No amount of money will bring back Grandma Ellen. By joining me in support of Heartlinks Hospice & Palliative Care, we can honor a life well lived, and help make sure other families experience the kind of comfort and care that my family did.